Monday, January 17, 2011

Lil Wayne Remixes Roman's Revenge

The remix for Nicki Minaj Roman's Revenge has been released and it feature the MC's mentor Lil Wayne. Listen below: I didn't think Lil Wayne could add anything to the already EXPLOSIVE track but I was supa wrong. The tracks actually holds its own against the original, which is a pleasant surprise, but can someone please throw Eminem back on this and release it as the official remix!

Britney is BACK!!!!

Bless Xtina's soul! She performs 2 zillion times in order for her single and album to succeed then she ends up failing...horribly. Then Britney Spears has the nerve to drop Hold It Against Me with her largest amount of promotion being her sending out a tweet (well somebody sent it out cause we all know B. Spears thinks the computer is a  metal box where spirits talk to you) and then it goes #1 on Itunes in 17 countries.  Christina I'm mad for you!!!

Hold It Against is the type of track that your fave would sing and end up flopping, simply because the song key selling point is Britney's vocal delivery. B. Spears voice is just a charming and distinctive as it was when she first came on the scene. The singers dishes out breathy vocals a trancey dance beat, then shifts to a pre-chorus similar to that of "Shattered Glass" from her Circus album, before talk-singing the bridge over a INSANE dubset beat. All and All the numbers speak for themselves HIAM effortlessly re-introduces Britney to current music climate without losing an ounce of Britney sound.

I dub this a CRACK TRACK!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Robyn's Hang With Me Video

Hang With Me the official 1st single from Robyn premiered last week, and this week we have the video. Check it out:

A simple yet effective video to go with an amazing song. Robyn does it again!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

"California Gurls" has finally end it's run as the #1 song after 6 consecutive weeks, but with all bad news there has to be some good. Well the good news is that we have with Katy's second single "Teenage Dream"

Oh Katy will you ever allow me to see you as more than naive California teenager who Gummy Bears hate? I hope not, because Teenage Dream is a great! Trading beachy fierceness for a more guitar driven sound is a great idea.  The song like California Gurls showcases Katy's unique voice and quirky lyrical content, but this time Katy is singing with passion from Venus as she reminiscences about the times she spent with her boyfriend. Radio is going to devour so much of this, they're need to have their stomachs pumped. Mark my words This album is about to become the sleeper smash of 2010!

Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (Official Video)

You Lost Me is waking me up better than my caffeine laced coconut coffee! I really liking this song and hope it regenerates interest in her Bionic album.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a Plane, No it's an Actor...Oh No Wait..... Now Their a Singer{sigh}

Since the beginning of modern entertainment, where there was film and television there was music. Then one day actors and actress said screw this, I have a bad to great voice and I want to be a singer! Now we've been blessed, cursed, and entertained by these musical "artist"

So I decided to post my favorite actresses who turned into singers:

Janet Jackson - Alright

Janet caught her 1st major break as Penny on Good Times, but later went on to become one of the biggest recording artist of all time. The true queen of the triple threats had so many songs to choose from, I just picked the first song that appeared on my Ipod!

Hilary Duff - Fly

Lizzie McGuire may have turned her into Disney's first major star of late 90's, but her music career generated her a loyal fanbase beyond the tween and teen world. Fly is just pure candy coated rock(pop), how can you not love it?

Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From the Block

I really hope Jenny prays and thanks the original Mexican Queen Selena everynight, because without her role in Selena's movie she'd probably  remained a background dancer.Though Jenny From the Block isn't my favorite Jenny song, I think it gives a great summary of who she was and how far she's come.

Lindsay Lohan - Rumor

Long before Lindsay was being immortalized on Robot Chicken or going to jail because of her substance abuse problems, she was an actress who starred in numerous movies like the Parent Trap before starting an on and off again singing career. Rumors is the single that sparked my interest in Lindsay and made me realize that was really a triple threat.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - BareNaked

After staring in the I Know What You Did Last Summer series Jennifer made the leap into a music with a mildly successful career. BareNaked has always been a stand out track from her amazing catalog.

Tell me what you think in the comment section!

T.I. Video Clip & Song

With the premiere of TI's new video for the single "Got Your Back" drawing near(VH1 will debut it this weekend) I decided to post the song so some of you could get acquainted or others re-acquainted. Also checkout the 30 second sneak peek of the video here!

I'm diggin' this song and the chorus is so repetitive that its guaranteed to quickly implant itself in the the memory of its listeners.

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