Monday, June 15, 2009

Kelly Rowland sat down Chris Yandek for a interview:

CY: You spend almost two decades with Matthew Knowles and then you guys departed recently. So he’s no longer managing you. Was it just like you wanted to go in a different direction, or was it just that you guys did everything you possibly could with each other?

KR: “I wanted to go in a different direction to be quite honest with you. I felt like Matthew and myself, our relationship just came to a point where for me, I felt like I wasn’t really growing anymore if I’m being completely honest with you. I just felt like I wasn’t growing anymore. I think that it’s really great when you can part with someone and it’s a mutual thing. It’s like, ok you know? Go spread your wings. It took a long time to actually come up with my final decision because it was something that you think about before when you feel like you’re almost hitting a ceiling. I wanted a change. I needed a change. So that’s what happened. He’s been supportive. BeyoncĂ©’s been supportive. Michelle has been supportive. Tina [Knowles] has been supportive, who I call my Mamma T. Solange’s [Knowles] supportive. Everybody has been really great.”
CY: What else is going on? Anything else you’d like to do in the future? Anything else you’re working on?

KR: “Yes. Well, in this transitional period that I’m going through with labels and with management.”

CY: Reinventing yourself?

KR: “Yes. Exactly! Reinventing myself. This year I plan on producing more TV. I want to produce a TV show, like I have different ideas for a TV show this year that I’ll be pitching. Also starting an organization for young girls called I Heart My Girlfriends I’m so excited about, which basically will be an organization for young girls to gather amongst each other, talk about different things and to allow them an outlet to be able to talk and to ask questions, like every day questions about different things that might be on their chest. So I’m excited about that, putting together another record above anything because I have a single out right now. Actually, I’m featured on this artist’s, he’s a French artist. His name is David Guetta and he is so talented. We actually did a song together called When Love Takes Over. If you haven’t heard it you must hear it. It’s fantastic. We just shot the video for it this past week and I’m excited. I think that it’s nowhere else to go but up from here and we’re just constantly keeping this train moving man. Yeah.”

This was a great interview. It was very informative of her relationship with the Knowles(even though we all that's complete B.S.) COOL BOSS beans that Kelly R. plans to do more tv. The Fashion Show is quite well recently getting over 1 million which is great for a channel like Bravo. Her musical career is in OVER DRIVE with When Love Takes Over and I can't wait to see what comes next...

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